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To make the restyling of the store corporate style. To develop the most simple, stylish and memorable brand.
To use in the development of the logo a combination of known symbols-images but with individuality and memorization. Use of bright and juicy photos of the products.
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Mogilev, Belarus


In the Republic of Belarus there is one very old tradition that came from the distant Soviet Union - on Thursdays all meat products in the diet are replaced with fish. On this day of the week in each restaurant, at any catering point only fish products were on the menu, and later a fish day turned into the tradition. My client is an online store of fish and seafood which took its name "Chetverg" (rus. Четверг) implying the famous phrase and its meaning. The slogan of the store is "fish day, every day!"


First of all I compiled a list and collected various pictures which I found necessary and interesting for the task solution. Further the process of generating ideas and creating a concept began. The idea to create a logo by combining two signs (a scoop for fish soup + fish) took some time. It was long, logical work. When the sign began to loom which we see now, something was still missing. Adding four small elements symbolizing the steam from a soup or bubbles from a fish gave the charm and completeness to the logo. 

Proportionality of elements

Used printing types

Finished logo

Icons for product catalog 

Special icons have been developed to simplify and improve the perception in the product catalog.


The main catalog


Some icons were created by merging two signs.
Here is one example the most vivid and memorable.
The merging of smokehouse sign and a fish made it possible to create a new, previously unused but very understandable icon for smoked fish.
Such an icon will be used on containers and packaging paper of the selling product:

Seafood catalog


The presentation of the booklet is thought out as information using recipes of seafood dishes which can be ordered at the store.

Fish shop

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watch project publication