Furry empire



Develop a logo and corporate identity for the network of pet stores and veterinary pharmacies Furry Empire. 

In creating the logo, I completely abandoned the most popular symbols, such as the crown, throne, etc., which are immediately associated with empire and luxury. Left only the mantle, which let in the shape of the dog’s body. Thus, there are no fussy and unnecessary elements in the sign. Only proud posture and upturned chin! In this case, the sign turned out to be simple and memorable.
Client - @pushistaya_imperiya


Mozyr, Belarus


In addition to creating a logo, the task was to develop a corporate identity for stores. 



Work on the corporate identity began with the creation of a banner. Were developed icons that tell about the main directions of goods in the store. 

Iniformation stands

Sticker on the window 

Staff unifom

Cards for regular customers
Bronze, silver, gold and platinum cards were designed to provide a number of discounts for regular customers. Cards are plastic, colored, with a slight gloss of the corresponding metal.

Logo in life