Montessori with love


I'm going to tell and show you how I developed the logo for the Montessori school, 

which was opened in 2020.


Client -

Photos from the personal archive of the client.


Clermont Ferrand, France.


What is the school for?
The purpose of the school is to conduct Montessori master classes for children from 16 months to 6 years. Also to organize  workshops for parents about how to prepare a Montessori-style home, non-violent communication and other topics.

What is the Montessori method?
"Montessori is an alternative method in education, he leads a child, we observe and follow the child to satisfy his real needs. In other words, if a child has a great interest in water, we offer him various types of activities, including manipulating water so that he can "feed" his needs. The child has the freedom to choose his activity and do it as long as he wants, because in this way he trains concentration, and learning does not happen without concentration." - Eli (customer).


The client has chosen the name "Montessori with love" because he wanted emotions to be in that word. And Montessori is primarily about love and respect for the child. The slogan is "Release the potential of your child".


As one of the ideas for the logo, I wanted beat the image of Montessori toys. Yes, I studied some information about Montessori's methodology to have an idea about the future project, but I'm all equally turned to the client for help.

The customer identified several of the most popular and useful in this area. The choice was not so wide - sandpaper letters, color tablets, montessori bells, trinomial cube montessori, cylinder blocks, moveable alphabet, brown stairs, pink tower montessori. 
I immediately noticed a black cube. 

It is necessary to note that there are enough logos on the Internet with it.

Next, it was necessary to work out the form. I liked the idea and image of the sign that they are simple and easy to remember. 
Even children can remember such a sign. Now the task was to correctly depict. Also, the client asked to add hearts as a symbol of love and care. Training at the Montessori school is held with love;)

An image began to emerge. Now it was necessary to write it in the name. The stage of working with the font has begun.
After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that the classic version of the layout of the text looks best. 
Although I noted for myself the option in the circle. This form fits well in some objects.


Initially, the client requested the use wood and pastel colors - brown, which would be a combination with the color 
of the interior. However, in the process of repairing the premises, it turned out that brown was a bad decision and 
it was decided to change the color in the logo as well.
There are our color searches:


We settled on the colors of the magenta and marengo:

Now we collect all our developments in one sign - form + name + color.
And we get the finished logo!

Preparation for opening

Montessori School opened in March 2020.
But unfortunately I worked a little because of the emergency in the country. School quarantined.
I really hope that my dear Eli and her Montessori with love will resume their work as soon as it is all over!